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Plan #G398, Wick 8002-55, 12 x 36 pole barn

Free Premium Member Download #G398, Wick 8002-55, 12 x 36 pole barn

#G398, Wick 8002-55, 12 x 36 pole barn

Finding the best pole barn plans is the first step to take after deciding you want to build a pole barn. For the most options and the lowest prices, shopping online is the way to go. The prices tend to be cheaper on the internet, thanks to low overhead. You can download plans straight to your computer and only print out the ones that you choose. There’s a great variety so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that fits all of your needs.

This Complete Plan contains the following: Main Floor Plan, Elevation Views, Pictorial & Detail Page.


6 x 6 Post Construction on
12′ Centers
9′ Tall Front Walls
8′ Tall Back Walls
2 x 6 Rails between Posts
on 24″ Centers
Metal Siding Exterior

9 Pole Barn Plans + Cabin Plan

9 POLE Barn Plans

9 Pole Barn Plans, 1 Standard Garage Plan, 1 Shed Plan And a Free Cabin Plan Only $29.99

  • This offer is for the PDF files so you can print the plans yourself
  • or take the files to a local printer for printing.
  • As a Professional Designer I charge $100.00 to $300.00 for each set of these custom Plans.
  • You will be able to download all 10 complete sets of building plans that have been used to build these pole barns.
  • These are Complete Construction Drawings
  • This is what you will get after payment is made:
  • Immediate access to the PDF download locations
  • Complete pages of drawings details and specs for each pole barn
  • more than 70 pages total in PDF Formats
  • You can print them on your own printer or take them to a copy center to have printed
  • The original plans are designed on 8 1/2 x 11 size pages.
  • Plans contain: Section Views, Elevations, Framing Plans
  • Roof Layouts and Details, Materials lists see sample below

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9 Pole Barn Plans + Cabin Plan

The #G463 36 x 48 x 16 RV pole barn

Free Premium Members Download #G463 36 x 48 x 16 RV pole barn Plan

#G463 36 x 48 x 16 RV pole barn

When building a pole barn, you need a couple of materials – lumber wood and plywood or steel sheets, whatever you prefer. You might also need the following tools: poles, sledge hammer and shovel.

These #G463 36 x 48 x 16 RV pole barn is very affordable and also FREE to download for the premium members.

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9 Pole Barn Plans + Cabin Plan